Monday, November 20, 2017

Online Extravaganza

It's our Annual Online Extravaganza Sale!!!

Take advantage of these savings all week plus a bonus Flash Sale today only! All items are while supplies last so don't delay.

Starts TODAY – Online Extravaganza!

Select stamp sets are 20% off for the first 24 hours of Online Extravaganza! But don’t delay your order, it is while supplies last! Check out the list below!  

139891Remarkable You Wood$45.00 USD/$59.00 CAD$36.00 USD/$47.20 CAD
139894Remarkable You Clear$33.00 USD/$44.00 CAD$26.40 USD/$35.20 CAD
140643Bloomin Love$17.00 USD/$21.00 CAD$13.60 USD/$16.80 CAD
141054Éclosion d’amour$17.00 USD/$21.00 CAD$13.60 USD/$16.80 CAD
143775Celebrate You Wood$25.00 USD/$33.00 CAD$20.00 USD/$26.40 CAD
143778Celebrate You Clear$18.00 USD/$24.00 CAD$14.40 USD/$19.20 CAD
142982Cool Treats$27.00 USD/$33.00 CAD$21.60 USD/$26.40 CAD
143440Souhaits frais$27.00 USD/$33.00 CAD$21.60 USD/$26.40 CAD
138682You’re so Sweet Wood$27.00 USD/$35.00 CAD$21.60 USD/$28.00 CAD
139440You’re so Sweet Clear$19.00 USD/$25.00 CAD$15.20 USD/$20.00 CAD
140180Juste comme ça$19.00 USD/$25.00 CAD$15.20 USD/$20.00 CAD
143949Garden Girl Wood$27.00 USD/$35.00 CAD$21.60 USD/$28.00 CAD
143952Garden Girl Clear$19.00 USD/$25.00 CAD$15.20 USD/$20.00 CAD
143740Good Vibes Wood$27.00 USD/$35.00 CAD$21.60 USD/$28.00 CAD
145080Good Vibes Clear$19.00 USD/$25.00 CAD$15.20 USD/$20.00 CAD
142871Super Duper Wood$27.00 USD/$36.00 CAD$21.60 USD/$28.80 CAD
142874Super Duper Clear$19.00 USD/$25.00 CAD$15.20 USD/$20.00 CAD
138764Heartfelt Sympathy$17.00 USD/$21.00 CAD$13.60 USD/$16.80 CAD
140098Des adieux du fond du cœur$17.00 USD/$21.00 CAD$13.60 USD/$16.80 CAD
144865Every Good Wish$18.00 USD/$24.00 CAD$14.40 USD/$19.20 CAD
144862Every Good Wish$25.00 USD/$33.00 CAD$20.00 USD/$26.40 CAD
145103Que de bons vœux$18.00 USD/$24.00 CAD$14.40 USD/$19.20 CAD
144870Good Tidings$21.00 USD/$26.00 CAD$16.80 USD/$20.80 CAD
145124Bouquet de houx$21.00 USD/$26.00 CAD$16.80 USD/$20.80 CAD
142954Milestone Moments$21.00 USD/$26.00 CAD$16.80 USD/$20.80 CAD
143426À souligner$21.00 USD/$26.00 CAD$16.80 USD/$20.80 CAD
143689More than Chocolate$17.00 USD/$21.00 CAD$13.60 USD/$16.80 CAD
140653Number of Years$27.00 USD/$33.00 CAD$21.60 USD/$26.40 CAD
141091Au fil des ans$27.00 USD/$33.00 CAD$21.60 USD/$26.40 CAD
140386Oh What Fun$21.00 USD/$26.00 CAD$16.80 USD/$20.80 CAD
140469Hourra pour Noel$21.00 USD/$26.00 CAD$16.80 USD/$20.80 CAD
141934Touches of Texture Wood$45.00 USD/$69.00 CAD$36.00 USD/$55.20 CAD
143251Touches of Texture Clear$33.00 USD/$44.00 CAD$26.40 USD/$35.20 CAD

More to the sale than just stamps!

As in the past, not just stamps are on sale!  Be sure to check out ALL the goodies on sale this week. Great stocking stuffers!
Remember it is while supplies last and some of the goodies will go FAST!  Head to my online store and shop away!  Be sure to include the CURRENT HOST CODE – MZCEEWMU before you check out!
  • If you place a minimum $25 order I will send you 5 handmade cards!
  • If you place a minimum $50 order, I will send you a pack of rhinestones! ($5 value)
  • If you place a $150 order or more, please OMIT the host code and enjoy picking out your Stampin’ Rewards!
Enjoy the savings and if you need help with anything send me an email and I'll be glad to help!

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