Saturday, May 28, 2016

2016 Product Shares
What is a Product Share? It's a great way to get a little bit of all the new ribbon or paper. I cut the bolts of ribbon in 1 yard lengths and you get 1 yard of each color. For the paper, I divide the packs by four people, so each person gets a half sheet of each pattern. It's a great way to figure out which ones you like the most and want to invest in. 

I can't show you all the pictures because I don't have the product yet! I do have the In Color Ribbon, so the picture above can kind of help you wrap your head around what a share is! 

In Color Ribbon Share
$12 plus shipping*
This share includes both the 15-17 Mini Striped In Color Ribbon and 16-18 In Color Ruched Ribbon. You will receive 1 yard of each, totaling in 10 yards. 

New Ribbon and Trim Share
$14 plus shipping*
This share includes all the other new ribbon from the catalog. It is a total of 12 yards. Included are the 1/4" Natural Ribbon, 3/8" Stitched Ribbon, 1/8" Stitched Ribbon, 3/8" Sheer Ribbon, 5/8" Burlap Ribbon, Pom-Pom Trim and Lace Trim

Both Ribbon Shares
$24 plus shipping*
Get both the above shares at a discount! 

Designer Series Paper Share
$43.50 plus shipping*
This share will give you a sheet of every new pattern in the DSP packs, stacks and Envelope Paper! This share will get you 74 half sheets (6"x 12"), 36 6" X 6" sheets and 4 quarter (3" x 12") sheets! Wow!  

Shipping Cost 
Paper Shares will need to be shipped in Flat Rate Boxes to protect them and assure they arrive safely. That cost is $13.45. Add in the ribbon shares to this box for no additional shipping charge! 
1 Ribbon Share- $2 shipping

2 Ribbon Share- $5 shipping

Please Remember:
It takes a few weeks to get your share. I don't order the product until a group is full (usually 4-6 people.) Then, it takes a week to arrive to me, and sometimes up to another week for me to cut, sort, pack and ship. Please be patient. I will do them as quickly as I can! :-) 

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